What is an output codec? And which one should I use?

Our .MOV files are animations that have areas of transparency, such as our social media animations and lower thirds.

This enables the transparency to be maintained, ready for you to overlay your own footage in your editor.

The codec encodes the video file so that your editor recognises it, but different editors recognise different codecs.

We have a breakdown here of the most common editors and which output codec to use, but if you are in any doubt, reach out to the editor you use support team.


  Apple ProRes 4444 (Default) ProRes KS PNG GoPro Cineform RGB 12bit
After Effects CC Yes   Yes Yes
Blender Yes   Yes  
Camtasia Yes Yes Yes  
DaVinci Resolve Yes     Yes
Filmora   Yes Yes  
FinalCut Yes   Yes  
HitFilm Express Yes     Yes
iMovie   Yes    
Lumafusion Yes      
Movavi Plus 2022 (Mac) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Premiere Pro (OSX) Yes   Yes Yes
Premiere Pro (Windows) Yes   Yes Yes
QuickTime Player Yes Yes    
WeVideo Yes   Yes  
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