What is the AI VIDEO CREATOR - Viddybot?

Viddybot is an AI video creator, that helps you create a concept for your video and then bring this to life. Whether you want to create a video for an event you are hosting, a new product range or a discount you have, Viddybot will ensure it has all the information you need to include and then generate all the wording for the video. It will even add in stock images and video to bring it to life.


From here you will be able to render the video straight from the design Viddybot has created, or you can choose to customize it more in the video editor so you can add your own images and make any text or colour amendments you may need. We are releasing Viddybot to our PRO customers in a beta phase, as with any new AI product we can not always predict the results but once you have had a try please do provide us with any feedback as we are sure with your help this will be the best video creation tool ever.

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