Why has my logo turned white, or into one solid block?

To stop your logo turning white/sitting on a white background, you’ll need to save it as a PNG file with a transparent background. You’ll also need to include transparency elements inside (e.g. transparency inside the text and lines over your logo) so it will show correctly in the final animation.

So below, we've included an example of our Viddyoze logo on a solid background, and taken what we felt were the important outlines and edited out the rest of it. When left with our outline, we save as a PNG file (which keeps the background transparent). The coffee images show how this works on the template. If you replicate this in your own logo, it will appear perfectly!

Please Note: A handful of our templates will automatically turn your logo into a solid colour (e.g. white). This is purely for aesthetic reasons as certain templates don’t look right with coloured logos.


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