Rendering is not working? My render is currently stuck.

It is rare a render sticks and doesn't complete, but, if you have been waiting for longer than 20-30 minutes and your render appears to be stuck and not progressing, here is what to do...

Firstly, please ensure when creating your animation and customising the template, that you have images in each required image/logo field and your own text entered in each text field before attempting to render. If you want to have a blank section, just clear the sample text and add a space.

Not filling in a field can cause a render to stick.

Please ensure all images are between 1-3MB

If you have done this and you’re still having issues, can we recommend you clear your cache and try using a different browser (Chrome works best).

And lastly, if your render appears to be stuck, please visit your "My Videos" page and delete it. You can then retry based on the above troubleshooting or reach out to our support team for further help.


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