How do I cancel or refund my purchase or subscription?

We really hope you get a ton of value out of our platform, we would really hate to see you leave.

Our team are there to provide any help and can help you make the most out of your account. We also have a ton of training and tutorials as well which may help you with your account.

The quickest and easiest way to request a refund or cancel a payment or subscription is to speak to a member of our team via live chat, we are available nearly 24 hours a day, but if for any reason we are currently not online, you'll have the option to leave a message there too.

Please visit your account page and click the live chat button in the bottom right corner.

Please note, to stop an upcoming payment, we will need at least 3 working days noticed to ensure that you do not get charged. Any account that is older than 30 days and has a subscription that has been renewed will not be able to be refunded. 


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