How do I add templates together or make a longer video?


Viddyoze is used to create short animations to enhance your existing video content. If you would prefer to use multiple Viddyoze templates to create a longer video, you can do this by adding your renders together in any free video editor. It takes less than a few minutes to do.

We recommend checking out our Insights Session One - covering exactly how you would edit your clips/renders together:

However, if you are looking for something pre-built, we have a section of templates named ‘Extended’ which are longer and include more images and text fields, much like piecing smaller animations together. You can find these 'extended' templates by using the categories menu on the left-hand side of the homepage

If you do not have an editor or are unsure on which to use, we are more than happy to recommend some for you depending on your needs; just reach out to our support team.

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