What does my users account look like?

For users, the platform is branded as if the product was created by, and belongs to, you as a white label admin owner. When they log in they will see your logos, colors, and footer links. This is important because as your users, they will have been sold into the product as if it were yours.

They can use a number of features, those included in Template Club Plus levels. This includes the ability to multi-render 3 videos at once, download renders as GIFs, and have access to the full and growing template library.

They won’t have access to a ‘user’ section as their accounts are single-seat licenses, and they won’t see University either as this is Viddyoze branded. They also will not see the live chat in their account, instead, we have a help form which they fill in and you get sent it via an email. Don’t worry if you don’t have all the answers for your users, if you’re ever stuck send the form to us and we’ll pass back the answers for you to work with your customer directly. As a user of Viddyoze white label, you have priority in any support queries, about your account or those of your users.

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