Where do I find the DNS settings?

If you’ve not yet connected your domain to Viddyoze, but selected the option to do this on the set-up page, you can find the DNS setting within your agency details page here. If you need any help setting up Viddyoze on your domain, please reach out to our support team via live chat.

Please note, once the domain has been added to the Viddyoze app, you will need to complete the DNS setup within 48 hours. This timeout is applied to the SSL certificate that’s generated for your domain on the Viddyoze servers. If the DNS setup hasn’t been completed within 48 hours, the certificate will expire and the process will need to be restarted. The Viddyoze app may continue to display Step One. If this occurs, click the “I want to change my domain” link and start the process again to generate a new SSL certificate.

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