How to use the Viddyoze WordPress Plug-In

What is the Viddyoze WordPress Plug-in and what is WordPress?

Viddyoze’s WordPress plugin is a free integration that allows you to add videos from your Viddyoze account directly into your site without leaving WordPress, you can create, edit and render directing through the plugin and then add straight to your site through the custom HTML option in your webpage.

WordPress helps users simply create their own website or blog without the need for designers, around 40% of all websites are created through them. We have created the plugin to help those who already have a WordPress account to make it easier to integrate Viddyoze into their website. If you don’t have a website, or have no need for one, then the WordPress plugin may not be relevant for you. 

Does it connect to my Viddyoze account?

Yes! All templates that are included within your normal Viddyoze account will be available for you to use within the plugin, straight through the WordPress site.  You can search and discover templates in both platforms, and anything created in one will be available in the other. You can see how to connect your Viddyoze account to the Plug-In here

How do I find the WordPress Plug-in?

The easiest way is to search for the plugin within the WordPress search function:

  1. Within your WordPress admin control panel, find Plugins down the left-hand side, click add new and then Find the plugin by typing “Viddyoze” in the search bar.

  2. Click on the ‘Install Now’ button next to the Viddyoze logo, WordPress will now download and install the plugin for you. After this, you’ll notice the ‘Install Now’ button will change into the ‘Activate’ button. You must click activate in order to complete the set up.

  3. Once the plugin is activated visit the Viddyoze section in your WordPress dashboard.

It's asking me for my API key?

The API is needed to link your Viddyoze account with WordPress, you can grab your API key from your account here: just click the refresh button in the API tab twice to generate this. Then copy and paste into WordPress

How do I add a video to my website?

Once you have rendered a video, you will have two options, download or embed. The easiest way to add this to your website is to embed this. Simply copy the embed code that pops up, head to your WordPress page and insert this through the custom HTML option. The second way is to download the video and then re-upload in your website as an attachment.

Can I access videos that I previously created? 

Yes, all videos that you have created within the last 30 days will be available for you to embed straight into your website using the WordPress login, unfortunately, anything older than this may need to be recreated for you to embed this.

Further Help

If you need any more help with the WordPress plug-in, please open a ticket here. Alternatively, you can find some helpful video guides below:

Quick Start Guide to the Viddyoze Plug-In

Step by Step Tutorial on the Viddyoze Plug-In







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