Which objective?

An objective is what you are hoping to achieve with your video.

Are you looking to drive sales? Get followers? Show off a new product? Or maybe you just want to engage with your audience. All videos here will be suited to your needs regardless of the industry you are in.


If you’re not sure what you’d like your objective to be at the moment, don’t worry! You can select any and customize your video with your own ingredients as you go.


But for now, here's a breakdown of what's included in each objective: 

Brand Awareness - If your goal is to get recognized then a Brand Awareness recipe is perfect for you. This style of video will get you noticed! 


Engagement - This style of video is perfect for keeping in contact with your followers. You may want to send good wishes for a national holiday coming up, or run a competition. It could also be used to show new opening hours or changes in the business. 


Get More Followers - This one speaks for itself! If you want more followers, use this style of video to show potential customers how awesome you are and why they should follow you. 


Lead Generation - This type of video is perfect for adding new potential customers to your contact list. By giving your audience information about how great your business is, you can encourage them to sign up and receive updates for new products or services. 


Sales Conversion - The main focus of this video is the sale! Whether you’re offering a new service or product, you can use this template to show off what you’ve got to offer. With a mix of reviews, videos and images you can be sure to stop your potential customers in their tracks.

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