Setting up a brand

Whether you’re a business owner, or you make video content for your personal social media accounts, setting up a brand will make it quicker than ever to customize your video.

First, you need to head over to the Brands page here. and click the + icon to add a new brand.  

Next, you need to add your brand name and logo. Once you’ve uploaded your logo, you can remove the background if you need to, using the ‘Remove Background’ tool. Favicon (aka square style logos) works best. 



Screenshot_2022-11-15_at_16.28.58.png.    Screenshot_2022-11-15_at_16.29.31.png


You can then select four colors that represent your brand. If you’re unsure what colors to use, you can check out our help page on ‘Finding Your Brand Colors’ here (add link).

If your brand’s font is available on Google fonts, you can add it directly to your brand page by using the search box. Once you’ve found the right one, click to accept.


When adding your brand to your account, you will also be given the option to automatically import your Trustpilot reviews by adding your Trustpilot link here:


You will find the information in your Trustpilot business account. It's usually the domain name of your website, for example, The last section of the URL you provide is important, as we need that - aka ""

You can also import Google reviews by searching for your business name here:


Tip: Ensure your business name is spelt exactly as it appears in Google to ensure you find a match.

Don’t have reviews? No problem! You can simply remove the review ingredients when customizing your recipe or replace this section with a different ingredient

Once you’re done, click Save Brand in the top right corner.

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