What’s the best length for a video?

Viddyoze “Recipes” are designed by the Viddyoze team using years of marketing experience. You will find that each recipe is the suggested length to ensure maximum impact and to help you achieve your goal.


However, one of the most impressive features of the Viddyoze platform is the ability to remove and add ingredients – and doing this changes the length of the final video. 


This customization feature, while incredible, has left many Viddyoze users asking us what ideal length their video should be. 


The answer to that question? We recommend keeping your video 

between 30 seconds to 2 minutes long. 


Check out the duration on this Resume recipe.


As you can see, the total duration is under 1 minute – which is ideal for sharing key information before the hiring manager loses attention and moves on to the next applicant!


Nevertheless, this recipe format suggestion from Viddyoze may not suit your needs, and there may be some ingredients in the recipe that you want to replace or remove.


To add an ingredient, click the blue ‘+’ button sitting at the top of the list of ingredients. Then choose your desired ingredient from the list. 


If you choose to add a ‘video’ ingredient, you can either upload your own video content or choose a video from the integrated stock archive. 


To ensure the video stays snappy, video files you upload or select from the stock archive are clipped to 4 seconds. But keep in mind; adding any ingredient will increase the total length of the video.


You can also remove an ingredient by selecting it and clicking ‘remove ingredient’. Doing this will reduce the total length of the video. 


As we said earlier, adding or removing ingredients will alter the total duration of your video – so don’t get carried away! 


Remember, you want your audience to stay engaged, regardless of whether they’re watching a resume video, a competition promo or a tutorial.


If you need further help customizing your recipe, please reach out to our support team through live chat and they’ll be happy to help.


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